Friday, November 7, 2008

The weather's been nice these days

I'm kind of glad it's not too cold just yet. I need to prepare myself before having to deal with trekking about in sub-zero temperatures. Best part though about winter coming is the snow. The beauty of newly fallen snow! I always wanted a snow day like this:

It was nice out on Halloween, too. Here's a recap of that night.

Random doodle during my video art class. I don't know.
That class is pretty fun. I get to make fun videos which are a refreshing break from all the hardcore animating I've been doing, and I get to be exposed to a ton of weird shit. Here's this one video I've been showing people that I've been particularly entranced with:


stephen said...

one dollar pizza? must be obama pizza.

jon said...

peter also showed me this. it kinda blew my mind