Friday, January 22, 2010

A feline snow day

I had a lot of down time at work this week, so I fooled around in Photoshop, trying to do something different instead of the usual paint and draw on paper.

I got pretty lazy towards the end and sorta slapped the background together. Maybe when I get better at Peeshop, I'll get more into illustrating digitally. Nothing beats doing it old school, though!

Meanwhile, I've been watching a lot of David Attenborough stuff. Just finished The Life of Mammals, and now starting Life of Birds. I highly recommend everyone to check that shit out! It's instant play on Netflix. Look at Dave stalking a kiwi!

And this is awesome:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Some watercolor stuff!

The first one is something this guy I worked with once told me to draw. "DRAW ME a rusty pick-up truck with a tire missing set up on a cement block and cracked windows. Oh yeah, and there's a octopus in the trunk." Well, here you go.
This one is based off a Richard Brautigan poem called Adrenalin Mother. I just like the words he used.

Adrenalin Mother
with your dress of comets
and your shoes of swift bird wings
and shadow of jumping fish,
thank you for touching,
understanding and loving my life.
Without you, I am dead.

And a comic! True story.
Besides illustrating things literally, I have started working on backgrounds on my film. Will post some later. In the meantime, check out my bohemoth stack of animation that have been cleaned up and colored. Those babies can finally go in the closet!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Me so cold!

Sketch dump! Old drawings and recent drawings.

The effervescent Rob Malone

Harry Potter, the College Kid.

I went back to Delaware for the holidays and had a nice arts and crafts session and bound some notebooks. Looked up some tips on the internet and found it to be surprisingly easy. Try it out and make your own! All you need is some paper, thread, and a sewing needle.

Anyway, feels good to be back in the city. Feels not so good out in the cold. That's why I stayed inside and made a fort.