Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm so distracted

Is it February already??

What an annoying feeling it is to have so many things on your mind when really you should be focusing on your work and not reading about pinworms on the internet. I recently learned about pinworms from a friend and am FASCINATED by the thought of them. These things crawl out of your butt at night and lay eggs around your anus. Then they secrete a substance that irritates your butt and makes you scratch it, thus spreading the pinworm love.

How utterly amazing is it that a creature such as the pinworm can spread and reproduce so easily simply by making their hosts scratch their butts? To think how often people scratch their butts! Parasites are ridiculous!


George Benjamin Conkin said...

i hope i don't have pinworms

Connie Chan said...

just as long as you don't scratch your butt too much

Barbara Fitz- said...

ever since i heard that, my butt hole has been itching like CRAZY! ...come here. let me hold your hand.

Harold Teitelman said...

do you guys know what a daisy hand is?