Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lazy summer

As usual, I let the summer days get to me and my mind has been wandering to far off places instead of blogging. Which is probably a good thing!

Last few months have been wild--just finished up working on a claymation spot at work, been doing some drawings and things here and there, and just came back from a road trip to New Orleans.

Some older drawings from back in June. Here's to summer:

Mister Blake Larue.

Update on the little new york apartment gardening project: I was getting a little scared that my tomatoes wouldn't flower, but all that worry was for nothing for they are thriving, flowering, and fruiting like the awesome plants they are! Also, they are humongous and taking over my bedroom.

I'm avoiding posting more drawings and stuff...but that's for another post. Meanwhile, I leave you with skies of the south, the most breathtaking skies I reckon I ever seen in this here blessed country.

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