Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy viking monday

My posts are always perpetually two months behind what I'm actually doing at the moment.

In late July, I became obsessed with the idea of cross-stitching after seeing Barb finish up a teddy bear pattern she started back when she was 15. Inspired, I headed on over to my local Michael's Arts and Crafts to buy my very own pattern to begin. So excited I was, like a little girl buying a new toy! After nearly 4 months of train rides, I have completed "Two Wolves in Winter Landscape (Amidst Alien Invasion)."

Also. Some vikings.

Been playing with this idea about lovelorn vikings a while ago. As of now it has been filed away in my ever-expanding incomplete folder, but perhaps I will return to it if the mood strikes me. My brain = cluttered and cloudy.


stephen said...

hi connie nice drawings and paintings and stitchings

Barbara said...

vikings in love amidst alien invasion?