Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The drawing game

My pals and I have been playing The Drawing Game. Not too creative a name, but good to keep it simple.

1) Each person gets a piece of paper and writes a sentence on it. Pass it to the next person.
2) Read the sentence and draw a picture to it. Fold over the sentence and pass it on.
3) Look at the picture and write a sentence to it. Fold over the picture and pass it on.
4) And so on and so forth.

It's fun to see what comes out of the game when the sentences and drawings get more complex or abstract with each passing. We've been playing four people at a time. I like to compare the two sets of drawings and sentences and see what was each person's thought process. Hilarity ensues. Here were some I liked:

Two almost identical setups. Different explanations.

This one was great! Funny how both drawers depicted the same action of a woman pointing as the plant shoots. This one started from bottom to top.

The drawings are basically the same, but different attitudes are conveyed due to what sentence was given.

This was a good one. Translation went way off but it made for a strange but beautiful drawing at the end. Oh, that ghost!

One where it all went to shit.


JayDee said...

Haha, this is incredible. You should keep them going for several pages and see how far off the translation between words and pictures can go.

I think this project does a good job of showing how books, photography, painting, drawing, film, music, etc can co-exist and never destroy one another.

Harold Teitelman said...

blake larue, modern day genius. post these on the sal board