Friday, September 5, 2008

Ice cream man

School's started and I'm all geared up to get my advanced film rolling. I've got preliminary storyboards done, and now it's time to cut it down and rearrange them to fit the time limit. I'll post some boards here sometime. Here's some art I did earlier this year for Ice Cream Man.

Prick's suburban landscape.

Early designs of Ice Cream Man and testing some colors.

His mild-mannered alter ego. And the neighborhood kids. He's got a rounder, softer look now.

I'm excited for this year. My goal is to roughly finish this film by graduation, along with my intermediate film from last year. I've learned that making an animated film is no walk in the park, so I'm determined to thoroughly manage my time for the next two semesters and really discipline myself to get something done that I can be proud of.

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Anton said...

Very Stephen Neary-esque.